Collection Bites with Jade Mellor

Here in the Collections Study Centre at Manchester Museum, we not only provide a space for visitors of all ages to learn more about our diverse collections, but many events also take place; from Rock Drop sessions to Portable Antiquity finds surgeries. They take on a very different form, but the essence of each is the connection between people, their enthusiasm for historical enquiry and the Museum.

Collection Bites is one of our free monthly events; a series of informal talks, which focus on subjects personal to an invited speaker and objects within the Museum. Local artist Jade Mellor delivered our June session; she shared her enthusiasm for Manchester Museum and explained how it inspires her to create unique sculptural jewellery.  Providing an insight into her experimental processes, Jade brought a wonderful range of pieces to show alongside objects from the Museum’s earth sciences collection; her audience was captivated, as she illustrated how science and nature can meet art and design to create something truly spectacular.


jade mellor collection bites assemblage minerals jewellery

Image courtesy of Jade Mellor


jade mellor collection bites meteorite jewellery

Image courtesy of Jade Mellor


jade mellor colletion bites talk table

Image courtesy of Jade Mellor


To learn more about the Collections Study Centre, please see the website for details:

For information about upcoming programmes, please see the Museum’s events calendar:

You can delve deeper into Jade’s inspirational work by visiting her website:


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