Out of the Woods

6The latest display has been installed in the Collections Study Centre; Out of the Woods has been curated by MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies (AGMS) students from the University of Manchester.  www.manchester.ac.uk/museology

5The students developed their displays around the theme of trees and the ways people interact with, relate to, and benefit from trees around the world. Each group took this in a different way, group 1 focused on the olive tree and its use as a symbol as well as a 4commodity. Group 2 looked at the spiritual connection humankind has with trees. Group 3 looked at how trees can be seen as symbols of luck and spirituality while  group 4 explored the importance of the tree in Japanese culture.

The displays are part of the Tree collecting project which aims to reexamine how museums think about collecting. Within each display are objects from the museum’s collection shown alongside objects that the students collected themselves.

The AGMS course explores museum theory and practice and this exhibition has offered students an opportunity to work closely with Museum staff to learn skills necessary to plan and install an exhibition. This has included documentation and accessioning  with Rachel Webster and David Gelsthorpe, and conservation and installation with Conservators Irit Narkis, Abby Stephens and Jen Discomb.


There was a drinks reception to celebrate the opening of the displays which was well attended by students and museum and museology staff.

The displays are on show on the third floor next to the Collections Study Centre until April.

For more information about the tree project take a look at the herbology blog: http://herbologymanchester.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/1913/



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