Displaying the Collections Study Centre

Bryn installing the display

Bryn installing the display

In the Collection Study Centre we are keen to showcase the fascinating research that happens here. For almost a year PhD student Bryn Trevelyan James was a frequent visitor, using the anthropology collection and the history of collectors as inspiration for his thesis.

The display Trading Well-Being: Materiality of Medicine and Religion at the Healers’ Market, Accra, Ghana is one of the outcomes of Bryn’s research and the first example of Selection Box, a new display project celebrating study of the collection.

The objects on display are items collected by Bryn whilst on fieldwork in Ghana last year, working with healers to understand their practices. The display aims to shed light on this unfamiliar world and showcase the diverse objects used in these rituals. Find out more about Bryn’s reseach here:



There will be a talk to accompany the exhibition on Wednesday 6th November 1.05-2pm in the Collections Study Centre. Places are limited so please email museum@manchester.ac.uk to book your space. http://events.manchester.ac.uk/event/event:f5m-hl6lg3o0-ilqqhv/collection-bites

Bryn’s display sits adjacent to the Fragmentary Ancestors exhibition curated by Tim Insoll, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Manchester and Bryn’s PhD supervisor.

The official opening for both exhibitions is on October 24th from 5.30-8pm, we hope to see you there!

Following the recent flood from the herbarium part of the display got wet and has had to be removed. We hope to have it up and running again as soon as possible.


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